AndHow! Antique Telephones
1940's-1950's Desk Telephones

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Kellogg 1000 Redbar Antique Telephone

Stock #900-ds4050: Steel Kellogg Redbar telephone, nice condition - $175.   
*** SOLD ***

Northern Electric Desk Antique Telephones

Stock #970-ds4050: Northern Electric desk telephone, good condition - $150.   

Western Electric 302 Antique Phone

Stock #217-ds4050: Western Electric 302, circa 1938, steel with brown cloth cords - $175.   
Also available in plastic - $150.   

Kellogg 1000 Redbar Antqiue Phones

Stock #902-ds4050: Bakelite Kellogg Redbar telephone, nice condition - $125.   
*** SOLD ***

North Galion Old Telephones

Stock #912-ds4050: North Galion desk telephone, regular dial only at this time, email for availability of rural dial - $150.   

Western Electric 5302 Antique Telephones

Stock #1127-ds4050: Western Electric 5302, a cross between a 302 and a 500, good condition, various models, may have a straight handset cord rather than the coiled one shown - $100.   
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